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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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san francisco casts its final vote on public nudity.
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why angry protestors stripped down after the decision. >> we are free to express our body as it's body. >> and a violent assault caught on camera. police hope this video and social media will help catch the suspect. the rain-soaked bay area facing another round of wet weather already starting tonight. i'm here in the weather center. >> you can see it's already raining pretty heavily. we can take a look on storm tracker 4, you can see pretty widespread. light to moderate in the north bay for the last few hours. also that cell passing through over the golden gate. zooming in, this moderate downpour in santa rosa, and over the golden gate, santa rosa, daly city, oakland, all light rain.
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but the heaviest is in the overnight hours. the wet weather is already causing some concerns for residents in san rafael. reggie kumar is live in the downtown area. >> reporter: the rain is already coming down here at a pretty steady pace. phone service was knocked out to some residents from the previous storm. but that service has since been restored. crews are still digging out from the previous storm. they're hoping this latest one doesn't pack a punch. at&t crews were hard at work drying out the phone lines near 3rd street in san rafael. tuesday night's wet weather wasn't helping while workers used this hose to blow air underground to dry the lines. some who live here are still dealing with a muddy
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miscellaneous left behind by sunday's powerful storm. >> i got slammed, and my basement and storage shed got a couple of inches of mud. digging out, drying out. >> reporter: some residents in west marin tell me these large trees are a reminder of what happened here on sunday. the trees fell across the roadblocking access for several hours. this woman says she may have dij@ vu wednesday. >> i have a business i had to close. other businesses had to close. we couldn't get in our out. >> reporter: marin county officials will be out in the morning assessing possible damage the storm may have caused. live in san rafael, reggie kumar. in vallejo, the connector wrap temporarily shut down to clean up a mudslide there.
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the ramp was reopened after a couple of hours. we will continue to bring you more cover on the storm damage. a man accused of kidnapping, beating, and raping an at-risk teen is behind bars tonight. this is his picture. gariy atkinson -- gary atkinson is under arrest for assaulting an at-risk girl who has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old child. >> kidnapping with the amount of force needed to kidnap a child, 3 counts of rape, lewd acts on a child. >> the girl was reported missing last tuesday after wandering off from a youth center in east oakland. she was found two days later on a muni
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train in san francisco. surveillance video was used to identify the suspect. officers captured him on sunday night. the 16-year-old girl is back with her family members this evening. profiling some of the bay area's most-wanted suspects. and san francisco are looking for a suspect in a violent cellphone robbery. it happened on november 15th here on polk street near turk street in the city's tenderloin district. and the robbery was caught on surveillance video. the victim sitting down, using his phone, approaches dressed in this suit, wearing a hat, and the two of them kind of struggle as they're going down the sidewalk. behind them there's a bystander who eventually walks past the two. the suspect and the victim are still wrestling with each other, and this goes on for several seconds. the victim then used a stun gun on the victim, throws the victim to the ground. the suspect is described as a black man about 6'2", weighing
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200 pounds between 40-50 years old. if you have information, call san francisco police. berkeley police on the scene investigating a car which was driven spo a liquor store -- into a liquor store on san pablo avenue. >> reporter: right now over my shoulder54 you can see the -- over my shoulder, you can see that the shopkeepers are trying to get the store put back together. this blue chevrolet plowed right into the middle of the doorway of this liquor store. this is the ez liquor store. and the driver was heading northbound on san pablo and went to slow down, but that didn't happen. his foot went all the way to the floor, and his brakes were out so he lost complete control of his vehicle and plowed into the store. there was one shopkeeper inside the store. he was not hurt. there were no injuries on this, and that is the good news out
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here in berkeley. san francisco decides whether or not to allow people to bare it all in public. plus, an update on the of those three firefighters who were hit by a car on a rain-slicked highway. >> later in this broadcast, steve lavin returns to play some college basketball. we'll be coaching st. john's versus usf. who's going to win the heisman.
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it was a chaotic scene as san francisco officially passes a ban blocking public nudity. it has been a contentious subject with a number of protests and some arrests along the way. the board of supervisors meeting today, they voted 6-5 in favor of the ban.
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protestors stripped off their clothes during the session. deputies covered them up and escorted them out of the room. >> we've always had occasional and random public nudity in san francisco. and that was fine, and no one had a problem with it. in the last couple of years, it's gone well beyond that and gone over the top. and it's time to do something about it. >> mayor edlee is expected to -- ed lee is expected to sign the measure. those against the ban have filed a lawsuit claiming it violates their right to free speech. and a look at storm tracker 4. still a band of rain in the north bay. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. raining over the bay and golden gate bridges. scattered showers throughout the night. it's going to pick up in intensity in the overnight hours and starting off in the north bay, waking up to mod rain downpours through portions of the bay area. then it's going to grow lighter by nature into the afternoon hours. and a drying trend kicking in once we get past the storm. you can see this band of rain passing through santa rosa.
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half an inch today. as for san rafael, san francisco is raining there, east bay shores as well, and it's going to continue to trickle in. futurecast 4 is set for midnight. a heavy band pushing into santa rosa. it's the heaviest band of the system, and it's going to grow more widespread through the north bay to about 6:00 am. by 11:00 am, the heaviest downpour into fairfield,ant jobbing, an cord. by -- antioch, concord. by the evening, the north bay is going to get a little bit of a break, but still dealing with wet roadways along the peninsula, east bay, heavier rain in the south bay. then that's going to continue to push out of our area. for the morning lows, upper 40s through santa rosa,
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napa. upper 40s in the inland valleys. and dry conditions ahead into the next workweek. it is a race against the clock and the weather as crews struggle to repair that massive sink hole in lafayette. a collapsed storm drain combined with all of the rain created the hole on sunday. workers say before they can repair the drain and fill the hole, the damaged pipe needs to be dug out and removed. joyce's home has been turned into a construction zone. >> if i go to sleep, i have sleeping pills, plug my ears because of the boom boom boom. this noise. i don't know. >> crews have not been able to find the exact cause for the road collapse there, but with more rain on the way, crews must
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work quickly to stop this mess from going from bad to worse. caltrans took advantage of this dry day to prevent further weather-related mishaps on highway 1. they covered part of the hillside of devil's slide with black plastic hoping to prevent rockslides or dirt from falling onto the roadway. >> when you get a storm of that size, it's going to loosen the soil. that is safe to pass right now. but we're doing more preventative measures for the 4. >> there were some delays on 1 during the day. hundreds of people affected by a large mudslide in the santa cruz mountains will have to wait till tomorrow for relief, weather permitting.
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vine hill road remains closed due to a slide that took out a 60-foot long section of one lane. crews hoped to reopen a single lane by late this afternoon. but the ground was still too wet. and they had to install a drainage system to keep the slide from getting worse. commuters face a long detour in order to reach highway 17. >> it happened a couple years ago on the other side of our house. now we have to drive 20, 25 minutes around to get on highway 17 to go north or south. >> i have to go all the way down to santa cruz and then come back. >> how far out of your way? >> like 30 , 40 minutes. >> if it's long-term, we're going to have to figure out something else, how to park a car on the other side of the road. there's a lot of people affected all over santa cruz county right now. >> depending on much rain fall how much rain
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falls overnight, one lane could possibly open by tomorrow evening. permanent repairs could take from one to several months depending on the stability of the hillside beneath that section of road. stap with us as we track -- stay with us as we track this new storm front. updates are available on kron4 .com as well as on our facebook and twitter pages. the vote on whether or not to shut four fire stations was delayed in martinez today. the chief says closing the stations will lead to longer response times. he adds the failure of a parcel tax on the november ballot means that there are few option left. >> this is not an easy choice. it's not what we want to have to do. but we are out of options. and we're going to do the best we can to protect them even with the stations closed. >> a public hearing was held today where mayors and residents of the communities affected told
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the fire district board it must look at other options. the next meeting is scheduled for tuesday, december 11th. the board says at that point it would have to make a final decision on the face of the fire stations. three firefighters who were hurt responding to a crash in the east bay are out of the hospital and back at home tonight. they were responding to a crash on highway 24 on sunday morning when an suv lost control on the road and hit them. the driver of the vehicle is still in critical condition. a proposal to buy a drone for the alameda county sheriff's office has been taken to committee for further study. the move comes after the aclu and other groups raised concerns. the unmanned aerial system would be used for search
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and rescue missions and tactical operations according to law enforcement. but the aclu argues that sheriff officials are planning to use the drone to spy. the board of supervisors was scheduled to vote today on a grant to help pay for the drone. but the hot topic has been moved to a committee hearing for january. officials say more than 100 people are dead after a typhoon hit the philippines. dozens of others are still missing tonight. rescuers are struggling to reach remote areas in the southern philippines after a powerful tiboon reached there, trigger -- typhoon reached there, triggering mudslides and flash flooding. the giants lock up yet another key free agent for three more years.
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the giants keep taking care of business. first afelt and pagan, and tonight they resign marco ask you taroh, the star of the post-- scutaro. he only played a half season with san francisco, signed a three-year $20 million deal. when you win the world series, you want to bring as many of those catalysts back. and scutaro will return,
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your giants second baseman. 37 years of age. 3 years? it should work out . college hoops with a bay air native coaching opposing st. john's. steve lavin. hez wife is on hand -- his wife is on hand tonight. and that's his dad in attendance. the whole family was on hand. the only problems, usf just a little bit better! parker for the three-pointer, and usf wins 81-65. dennis allen is expected back thursday when the raiders host the broncos. his father, grady, passed away today at the age of 66. allen went back to
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texas for the final few days with his father. his dad was a football player, and a darn good one. all southwest conference for texas a&m in the '60s. the raiders issued this statement just saying that they had great respect for grady, that he helped get his son into the football business, and they do expect their coach back on thursday night. 49ers could use some help with a running back. frank gore, banged up. every game, he's coming out with bumps and bruises. and his backup, kendall hunter, no longer available. so look for lamichael james. hasn't played at all during the regular season. here's college clips. he has not scary carried the ball in a regular season contest. >> i'm there for a reason, i
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can play. and whatever the team needs me to do, that's what i'm going to do. i'm young, i'm still learning. and whatever it takes me, that's what i'm going to do. i prep for it each and every week. and hopefully i can pull out a spark. stanford doesn't know which day they will face new year's day at the rose bowl. wisconsin's coach is leaving after seven seasons to become the head coach at arkansas. but he caught his athletic director totally off-guard. they are very upset with him. and how you going to knock a guy if he can make $3.2 million telling 19 year-olds to tackle who has the ball? but we'll find out what happens with that story. and also johnny football, it appears he'll be the first freshman to win the heisman trophy.
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a group called is trying to predict the winner accurately. it's not till saturday. i'm very upset by that earlier. but the first freshman, tayo from notre dame, expected to come in 2nd.
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